1. Transparent Government and Fiscal Responsibility

As Alderman, I will strive to create a more open, accountable and fiscally responsible City government. I will work to:

  1. Host regular town-hall meetings to hear directly from residents on their concerns and priorities;
  2. Actively keep the community informed of the City’s plans, policies and key issues;
  3. Encourage broader community participation during public hearings for the City’s annual budget proposal; and
  4. Update and adhere to the City’s Comprehensive Master Plans so that our city grows in a positive way.

2. Making Our City Safer

Public safety is the core function of government. No one should ever be a victim of a crime or be made to feel unsafe. That’s why as Alderman, I will work to:

  1. Give our police department the necessary resources they need in order to keep us safe;
  2. Encourage community policing and promote police hiring practices that reflect the communities they protect;
  3. Build better relationships between police and the community by providing incentives for officers to live in the community that they serve; and
  4. Prevent crime by partnering with local nonprofits and businesses to expand access to youth programs and recreational community centers.


3. Protecting our Environment

Protecting the environment and our greatest natural resource – the Chesapeake Bay - is essential to preserving our quality of life for generations to come. That’s why I will fight to:

  1. Protect our forests by advancing policies like the Forest Conservation Act and the no net loss of forest policy; 
  2. Protect the Bay and our rivers by improving stormwater management and creating a No Discharge Zone in Annapolis waters; and
  3. Promote the use of renewable energy by connecting residents and developers with the programs and resources they need. 

4. Improving Quality of Life

Annapolis is a great place to live, work and raise a family. But we can do even better. I will work to ensure:

  1. Development takes into account the potential impact that it would have on the environment and surrounding residents, school capacity, traffic patterns, and fiscal impact on Annapolis taxpayers;
  2. Our City runs a more efficient, full-service City government and prevents undue burdens on taxpayers;
  3. Our City is welcoming to all who live here, providing the same access to resources for everyone.